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Industrial and Hazardous Waste

Types of permits and requirements for permit holders. Activities that do not require a permit. Forms and other tools for applicants and consultants.

Quick Links

General Information

Non-Permitted Activities

Exemptions from Industrial and Hazardous Waste Permitting
Guidance on whether a generated solid waste activity requires a permit.

Hazardous Waste Activities That Require Notifying the TCEQ
Activities that are exempt from permitting, but trigger a requirement to notify us at least 90 days before beginning the activity.

Permitted Activities

New Permit Application

How to apply for a permit for a new hazardous waste facility or convert your registration for an interim status facility to a full permit.

Renewal Permit Application

An overview of permitting process to renew a hazardous waste facility permit.

Transferring a Permit for Industrial or Hazardous Waste

Information related to the transfer of a hazardous waste storage, processing, or disposal facility.

Submitting a Permit Modification

An overview of the permitting process for modifying or amending an existing industrial or hazardous waste permit.

What class of modification do I need? Exit the TCEQ

List of permit modification classes:

Waste Analysis

How to Classify Industrial and Hazardous Waste

Requirements for those who generate or manage hazardous waste in Texas.

Hazardous Waste Combustion Program

Give Us Your Feedback!

We're improving our IHW permit forms and guidance. If you have questions, comments, or feedback about this, please email us at

Delinquent Fees/Penalties

Delinquent Fees and Penalties Will Affect Processing Your Application
Effective Sept. 1, 2012, the TCEQ redefined delinquent accounts to include those entities or people who owe at least $25 in delinquent penalties or fees.