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TCEQ Geographic Data Viewers

Links to Geographic Data Viewers providing easy access to spatial data via graphical interface.

These geographic data viewers, created by TCEQ GIS staff, provide a geographical interface to many of the common spatial datasets that TCEQ maintains. All of the viewers have custom-built tools allowing you to find data in your area, and to access more detailed information about entities that TCEQ regulates.

Edwards Aquifer Map Viewer
Allows users to view Edwards Aquifer maps of regulated zones using a web browser.
Barnett Shale Air Sampling Map Viewer
The Barnett Shale Viewer illustrates specific locations and the type of air quality monitoring that has been completed. The viewer also provides detailed monitoring reports based on collected air samples.
GeoTAM Viewer
The Geographical Texas Air Quality Monitoring viewer allows users to access information about air quality monitors, view and print maps of areas of interest, and obtain details about selected air monitors and their surrounding areas.
HB610 Viewer
This viewer allows a user to locate a specific facility on a map, create a URL path (link) to that location, then share that link with others who can use the link to zoom to that location in the map viewer.
Source Water Assessment Viewer
The viewer allows users to access the PWS (Public Water Supply) source assessment information, view and print maps of source water protection areas, and obtain details about selected public water sources.
Google Latitude-Longitude Lookup
Use an interactive map to search for or obtain latitude - longitude coordinates.
Surface Water Quality (Segments) Viewer
The viewer allows users to find information on the quality of any body of surface water that TCEQ monitors. Users can select a water body geographically (from an interactive map) or by specifying its name or identification number.
Water Districts Map Viewer
The Water Districts Map Viewer enables users to search and view water districts using an online map interface. The viewer also links to the Integrated Water Districts Database (iWDD) for additional detailed information.
Water Well Report Viewer
TCEQs Water Well Report Viewer is an online, map-based locator of over 800,000 historical reports for water wells drilled in Texas.


ArcGIS Online Viewers:

Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) Viewer
This ArcGIS Online Viewer can be used to see the locations of regulated USTs (Underground Storage Tanks) in Texas. Tools are provided to query the USTs by TCEQ PST ID, Texas Department of Agriculture ID, Central Registry (RN), Facility Name, and Address. Database information such as UST Type and Number of Active USTs can be viewed by clicking on a particular PST location. Users can also change the basemap layer and print.
Wastewater Outfalls Viewer
The Wastewater Outfalls Viewer enables users to view TCEQ-permitted wastewater outfalls in the state of Texas. Users can view names, permit numbers, status, and other information about a wastewater outfall. Tools are provided to query specific outfalls. Users can also locate and identify outfalls within a selected radius. Other standard tools such as measuring and print are also provided.



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