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Certification of the Consumer Confidence Report

Instructions and forms to ensure your system receives credit for the CCR with TCEQ.

Once you have provided your CCR to your customers you will need to:

1. Complete a CCR Certification of Delivery form. This form documents to the TCEQ that the public water system has provided the CCR to your bill-paying customers and non-bill-paying consumers by July 1.

  • You will need to make sure the Certification includes your 7 digit PWS ID number, PWS Name, and year the CCR covers.
  • Enter the CCR date of delivery to customers and an employee who can guarantee the CCR was provided to customers will need to sign and provide their contact information.
  • Select the appropriate methods of delivery.

2. Make copies of the CCR and Certification for your records.

3. Mail to the TCEQ by July 1 of every year:

  • one copy of completed form TCEQ CCR Certification of Delivery, and
  • one copy of the CCR that you provided to your customers and consumers.

4. Send the documents to, TCEQ recommends Certified Mail:


If sending by certified mail:
Public Drinking Water Section - MC 155, Attn: CCR
12100 Park 35 Circle
Austin, TX 78753

Regular mail:
Public Drinking Water Section - MC 155, Attn: CCR
PO Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087


CCR Certification of Delivery form for systems that serve 500 people or fewer:


CCR Certification of Delivery form for systems that serve over 500 people:


CCR Provider Certification of Delivery

This is only to be used by systems that are required to provide regulated contaminant data to the community system(s) they provided/sold water to in the year the CCR covers, §290.274(g). This data is due to the receiving community water system by April 1 of every year. The Provider Certification of Delivery is due to the TCEQ by May 1 of every year. See CCR Information for Wholesale and Providing Water Systems.


If you have questions about CCR requirements, please email PWSCCR@tceq.texas.gov or call the Drinking Water Technical Review Team at 512/239-4691. When you contact the TCEQ please make sure that you reference the PWS Name and ID number.