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Assistance Tools for Minor Sources of Nitrogen Oxides: Dallas-Fort Worth Nonattainment Area

Tools for complying with rules for minor sources of nitrogen oxides in the Dallas-Fort Worth Nonattainment Area.

The following information applies to minor source facilities only in the Dallas-Fort Worth eight-hour ozone nonattainment area. (Read more about nonattainment areas.)

Many of the documents on this page are in Adobe Acrobat Adobe Acrobat PDF Document Portable Document Format (PDF) or Microsoft Word Document Microsoft Word (DOC). (Help with downloading files).

Rules for Combustion Sources (Engines)

Owners-operators of facilities will need to determine their requirements for complying with rules for controlling NOx emissions from certain combustion sources, such as stationary engines.

For more information, read the rule for Dallas-Fort Worth Eight-Hour Ozone Nonattainment Area Minor Sources (30 TAC, Chapter 117, Subchapter D, Division 2)Exit the TCEQ

Assistance Tools and Forms

Please Note: Revised versions of these fact sheets were posted on February 17, 2009. If you downloaded one of them prior to the revision, please replace it with the current version.

Sample Logs to Download

The following documents are in Microsoft Word Document Word (DOC) format.

  1. Microsoft Word Document Emergency Engine Operation
  2. Microsoft Word Document Diesel or Dual-fuel Engine Testing and Maintenance Operations
  3. Microsoft Word Document Daily Engine Operations
  4. Microsoft Word Document Annual Fuel Usage
  5. Microsoft Word Document Engines Emissions
  6. Microsoft Word Document Daily Emissions: Non-exempt Equipment with a NOx CEMS or PEMS: Rolling 30-day Average
  7. Microsoft Word Document Daily Emissions: Non-exempt Equipment with a NOx CEMS or PEMS: Block One-Hour Average
  8. Microsoft Word Document 30-day Rolling Averages and Calculations (download the Microsoft Word Document Example only.)


Where can I find more information and assistance?

The TCEQ's Small Business and Local Government Assistance Section offers free, confidential help to small businesses and local governments working to comply with state environmental regulations. Call us at 800-447-2827 or visit our Web page at TexasEnviroHelp.org.